Restoring WordPress webpage installation using Softaculous Apps Installer

Here we will be learning through simple steps to restore the WordPress Webpage installation to earlier backups. One can configure Softaculous in an auto upgrade mode so as to upgrade to latest WordPress version once its available without the consent of the webmaster. This may sometimes become harmful if the latest version of WordPress release has some compatibility with already installed plugins.

In this scenario you have to downgrade the WordPress installation and revert back to earlier available working installations. Recently I faced many problems with the auto upgrade to Version 4.7 of the WordPress, I tried a lot but at last I had to restore to WordPress earlier version via Softaculous backup.

Softaculous is a popular Apps Installer available in most of the Cpanel Control Panel of your domain. Just login to your control panel and open the Softaculous Apps via clicking to the Softaculous link provided in the Software and Services group as shown below.


Next click on the Backup and Restore button on the top right corner.


This will list all the available backups available with backup size and date stamped. Select the respective backup you want to restore to click the Restore button. It will take some time to complete the backup and its all done.

backup_softaculous02Taking backup and restoring using Softaculous Apps Installer is a very easy and helpful. There are also other ways and steps to downgrade to lower WordPress versions, but that becomes a tedious job I find this way a far easy and hassle free.

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